Beyond Awesome Coffee: Impact Church

"You won't ever see me or my team swooping out of some green room into the church in our super pastor capes."

Guest Treatment at LifePoint Church

Listening to guests results in positive changes

6 Ways to Follow Up With Christmas Guests

Try these follow-up methods to increase the odds of first-time guests returning to your church after Christmas.

Allow Volunteers to Shadow Mentors Before They Commit to a Ministry

Living Stones Church matches its members to service that fits their interests.

Simple, Quick Onramps: Preston Trail Community Church

Serve and Engage Pastor Brandon Boyd is ready on the spot when people want to join Preston Trail’s family.

Use Technology and Planning Tools to Grow Your Church

Church assessment tools let you measure progress toward growth goals.

Serving at Southland Christian Church

Keeping it simple makes connections easier

It Starts With Cookies: James River Church

Missouri church employs cookies and hospitality to retain first-time guests.

Idea Starter: Home-Based Small Groups Reach Out to Neighbors and Friends

How One Church Does It: EastLake Church asks group leaders to open groups to acquaintances to connect them to church.

Fostering Volunteer Pride: TrueNorth Church in South Carolina

Pastors Gene Jennings and Shane Williams discuss tapping into the desire to be part of something bigger.