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Gathering at the Table

As Jesus sat at the table of Zacchaeus, he, too, saw past the sinful nature. Instead, he saw a man in need. Put yourself in Zacchaeus' position, and then Jesus’.

Focus on Just One Person to Reverse the Decline of Christianity

When was the last time you talked to a single person about Jesus? When was the last time you mentioned to your waiter or waitress that you came to the restaurant from church, and see where that conversation went?

Scott Sauls: Sanctifying Suffering

Having not experienced hurt or loss or pain or suffering is not a cause for guilt and shame at all. It’s a cause for thanksgiving.

5 Characteristics That Set Apart Sending Churches

What does an effective sending church look like?

We Need a Reset

One of the primary roles of a pastor is to gather as many sheep as possible. We all know that for people to come and join your church they need to like us. This reality means that as pastors, we perpetually serve in hazardous territory.

Prepare a Table That Welcomes Everyone

So, should a leader give up leading and living like Jesus because others don’t like what is happening around them? The church needs leaders to speak up and step out of the comfortable to serve the uncomfortable.