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What Do Secular Studies on Happiness Have in Common with the Bible?

A naturalistic worldview that embraces randomness, ultimate meaninglessness, and survival of the fittest doesn’t lend itself to happiness.

The Best Is Still Yet to Be

Think of it: millions of years from now, in the presence of the happy God who will never tire of us, we’ll still be young.

Jesus: Good News of Great Happiness

How can we “glorify God in everything” and “pray without ceasing” if we can’t glorify God and pray while working, riding a bike, playing games, or watching a movie?

God Calls Us to Find Happiness in Him

You may not be accustomed to thinking that God commands us to be happy. But it’s a fact. And I’m betting it’s a command most of us would like to obey!

Happiness: Good News Worth Sharing

The gospel is attacked on both fronts—on the one hand, stripped of its intrinsic happiness and on the other, stripped of its holy uniqueness and ability to deliver happiness.

Gratitude Coupled with Humble Service Multiples Happiness

Proud, presumptuous people always think they deserve better. If the day goes well, they don’t notice. If it doesn’t, it’s a great disappointment, and someone else is always to blame.

What Does It Take to Find Happiness and Contentment?

Finding joy even when times are tough.

Searching for True Happiness

Our deep ache for the beyond-happy life