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Saying ‘I’m Sorry’ Is Transformative

Use whichever you feel seems most authentic and sounds like yourself. For me, I prefer, “I apologize.” I just said that to someone today and it saved a relationship. It’s freeing. It’s therapeutic. It’s the Christ-like and right thing to do.

Young Leaders, Here Are 50 Takeaways From My Experience

I had to learn a lot of tough and powerful lessons over the past nearly three decades of ministry.

3 Ways to Still Have a Team After Christmas

Let’s surprise our team with a personal touch and an attitude of gratitude this holiday season.

People Aren’t Interruptions

How do you handle it when people drop by unannounced?

8 Reasons Why People Aren’t Coming Back After Christmas

Guest experience pitfalls: It's about the details ...

5 Tips on Listening Well

Active listening is a communication technique used in counseling, training, and conflict resolution. It requires that the listener fully concentrate, understand, respond and then remember what is being said.

Be Kind: It Changes the World — and You

Simply choosing to be kind to someone could be the healing balm that he or she needs that day.

7 Vital Lessons Leadership Has Taught Me

When we put our pride aside and truly value those around us and who we work with, we are able to then respect what each person brings to our team.