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What Is Gratitude, Really?

Gratitude is not just a periodic sense of being blessed and indebted. Grateful people are inclined to feel gratitude most of the time.

Cornelius Plantinga

‘Strive first for the kingdom of God.’ If we Christians accept Jesus’ commission, we will never run out of good things to do.

The Power of 2G (Gratitude & Generosity)

The next time your heart struggles to recognize God’s gifts in your life, take a moment to consider three areas of God’s generosity: relational, physical, and spiritual.

Gratitude Multiplies When We Give It to God

Record God’s evident goodness around you every day. You’ll find that in time, you’ll see more and more gifts from Him—not because there are more, but because you’re finally seeing what has been there all along.

Gratitude Coupled with Humble Service Multiples Happiness

Proud, presumptuous people always think they deserve better. If the day goes well, they don’t notice. If it doesn’t, it’s a great disappointment, and someone else is always to blame.

Reflections at 50 on God’s Faithfulness

Looking back on what God has done in my life and ministry

Practicing Gratitude When You Don’t Feel Like It

Grumpiness comes naturally; gratitude takes practice.

How Gratitude Helps Your Body and Brain

We know we're commanded to be grateful, but beyond obedience, here are the physiological benefits.