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Why the Bible Is Wilder Than We Realize

Maurice Sendak’s parents were poor Jewish immigrants to the United States from Poland. Their family that stayed behind were all killed in the Holocaust....

The 28 Best Books of the Year

17th annual celebration of the best resources from the past year

The Story of the Bible Told Through Food

Fasting and feasting are both integral to the narrative of the Bible.

The Story of the Bible Told Through Mountains

From Sinai to Zion

How Social Media Is Shrinking the Bible

Verse of the day therapy shortchanges the full depth and breadth of the Bible.

The Once and Future People of the Book

Christian discipleship will remain an ever-receding goal without real Bible renewal in our churches.

The Bible Wasn’t Written to You … and That’s OK

To understand the Bible's purpose for us, we first need to acknowledge why and to whom it was written.