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Becoming a Leader With Actual Substance

In a world that rewards appearances, our great challenge is to become leaders of substance who can demonstrate actual strength rather than just strain.

Jumping Into 2024

How do you move into a new year gaining ground? Turns out, there are a few simple, proven practices that can help you move into any new season, cross any demarcation line, and keep moving forward to take new territory.

Outreach Requires Knowing Your Church and Your City

Multiplication is the most exhilarating opportunity in life, period. Nothing better expresses the creative genius of bearing God’s image.

Leading Through Change Without Losing Your Soul

"Three words best describe how I’ve often felt in the midst of leading change: Alone, frustrated and defeated."

What Are You Waiting For?

Have you ever seen someone with a ton of potential start a new church or get involved in exercising their God-given talents, only to give up because it was hard?

Climbing Out of a Funk

I needed to feel the pressure - the good pressure of necessity.

Does Your Work Bring a Soul-Deep Excitement?

Calling is a soul-deep excitement, driven by an awareness that your life was designed by God to make a difference.

Keeping Anxiety in Check

3 Insights from King David