5 Types of Meetings to Lead Your Team to Success

While many organizations shy away from meetings, StartCHURCH has implemented a series of focused meetings that keeps us moving toward our vision.

Here are five meetings I recommend utilizing to lead your ministry:

1. Weekly Same-Page Meeting

Every week, I meet with our chief operating officer and walk through our organization department by department. This approach allows me to have the widest gate of information on the overall state of the union. As a leader, it also gives me a chance to keep the four initiatives alive and urgent in the heart of the company’s highest level, while allowing me to continue defining our 2020 wins.

2. Weekly Tactical Meeting

This meeting, attended by our C-suite executives, vice presidents, and director-level leaders, addresses our tactics within the organization. We go through each department and discuss our victories and challenges. As we work together to solve problems, we continually return to our main four goals for the year. By examining these matters every week, I can move our company forward as a team.

3. Monthly Deep Dive

During the Deep Dive meeting, we move beyond high-level tactical discussion into the granular data, KPIs, goals, etc. This monthly gathering is an opportunity for the management team to get “under the hood” and see what’s working and what’s not. Additionally, it’s a time for departmental leaders to be held accountable for the completion of assigned, measurable tasks and the stewarding of resources.

4. Quarterly Near Site

The Quarterly Near Site occurs either in a conference room (while maintaining proper social distancing requirements) or offsite but kept locally. At this meeting, we review where we have been, and refocus on where we are going. This meeting allows me to keep my largest leadership team in alignment with our four initiatives.

5. A Mid-Course Review

The last type of meeting I want to highlight is the mid-year check-in. This review is a near-site gathering (meaning leaders are released from normal daily activities, but there is no need for an overnight stay.) At StartCHURCH, we go through an outline to help us define where we are, what’s most important, and where we are going.

Published first at StartChurch.com. Used by permission.

Nathan Camp
Nathan Camp

Nathan Camp is the chief executive officer of StartCHURCH.