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When One Day Your Present Life Is Forgotten on Earth, God Will Forever Remember and Care

The Bible tells us that although others may not remember us or care what our lives here have been, God will remember perfectly, and he cares very much—so much that the door of eternity swings on the hinges of our present lives.

Christ and His Kingdom, Not Politics, Should Be the Central Fixture of Our Focus

This year, we can choose where to fix our eyes. Instead of locking them on the short-term things we can see, we are called to turn our gaze, by faith, to what is eternal.

Tell Your Children and Grandchildren About Yahweh, That One Day They May Remind You

Perhaps one day your children will speak back to you what you have written and spoken and lived.

Jesus: Good News of Great Happiness

How can we “glorify God in everything” and “pray without ceasing” if we can’t glorify God and pray while working, riding a bike, playing games, or watching a movie?

Giving, the Gift of Happiness

Sure, receiving a gift is great, and our hearts should be full of praise to God for what he has given us—first and foremost his Son, but also thousands of other smaller gifts we seldom think about.

The Divine Paradox of God’s Sovereignty and Meaningful Human Choice

We need to establish our positions in light of all Scripture, not just our preferred passages that support what we wish to believe.