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Can We Find America Within the Signs of the End Times?

So, where are we? How could a nation of our stature, size and significance not be mentioned in the prophetic scheme?

Is the Attack on Israel a Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy?

The Bible tells us in the end times that Israel would be scattered and regathered. This has happened, and this really was the sign that set the prophetic clock ticking.

Antichrist, Rapture and Tribulation—What Does it All Mean?

Let me bring some clarity with a quick play over of what I believe is the chronology of end times events. In my estimation, the next event is the rapture of the church.

When Are the End Times?

So what are those “end-of-the-end” events? Jesus told us with great specificity. So much so that the passage found in Matthew is known as the “little apocalypse.”

End-Times Beliefs

Christians split between those who don’t believe this is the end times (49%) and those who do (47%), including 20% who believe Jesus will return after global circumstances worsen.

Are You Looking Forward to the Earth’s Redemption?

The “redemption of our bodies” refers to the resurrection of the dead. Paul says that not only we, but “the whole creation” longs for and cries out for the earth-wide deliverance that will come with our bodily resurrection.

Research: Pastors, Current Events and End Times

A majority of pastors see signs of the end times in current events.

Research: Can We Speed Christ’s Return?

Pastors are more than three times as likely to believe Christians can speed up the return of Christ by the spread of their faith than by backing certain geo-political changes.