The Personal Use of Church-Owned Vehicles

Before you allow the personal use of church-owned vehicles, review these guidelines to reduce the church's liability.

Breaking Down the Annual Church Audit

Here are some helpful guidelines for the documentation you will need to track for an annual audit of your church's finances.

Financial Management: An Audit Committee Charter for Churches

Detailing the guidelines, responsibilities and rules of order for a church audit committee can save you headaches in the future.

Financial Management: Guidelines for Church Credit Cards

With the right checks and balances, issuing church credit cards to staff members can be a viable option.

Financial Management: How to Handle Gifts to Church Staff

Make sure you understand when gifts are and aren't tax-deductible. Here are some guidelines.

What Churches Need to Know About Fraud and Whistleblower Protection

Setting up whistleblower and fraud prevention policies aids in compliance with federal law and limits potential liability.

Financial Management: Could Your Church Use an Accountability Tune-up?

Overseeing a church's finances is a lot like keeping a car in tune. Here are some tools to keep things running smoothly.

Financial Management: The Church and the Support of Missions

There are various ways for a church to financially support its missionaries. Follow these essential guidelines for responsible financial management