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David Fitch

Let us examine the way power works and how the church is called to live under a different power.

The Key to Church Renewal Post-COVID-19

Why increasing the density of disciples even when the overall numbers decrease will lead to renewal

The Virus and the Church

How church leaders responded during the early stages of the pandemic.

This Year’s Best Books on the Church

Evaluated by Bob Whitesel

Finding a Pastor’s State of Mind

We are witnessing the renewal of the church.

The 28 Best Books of the Year

17th annual celebration of the best resources from the past year

Breaking Free From the Enemy-Making Machine

How to live the presence of Christ in a divided culture.

The Church in a Post-Willow Creek World

In the wake of the Willow Creek and Harvest Bible Chapel failures of leadership, we need to rethink how we "do church."