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What Did We Learn From This COVID-19 Season?

Why we cannot go back to business as usual.

Being Present With Those Struggling With Depression

We have a powerful example from Jesus in Luke 24.

How to Help Those Struggling With Depression

We don't have to cower in fear beneath the giant of depression.

Preaching Through Depression

Seasons of emotional darkness are no respecter of persons, but there is hope.

Be Slow to Speak Against Others

It's easy, especially in our social media age, to cast judgement on other Christians from the "cheap seats," but we must ask God to search our hearts first.

Jesus Invites Us to Rest

Faith begins with resting in the presence of God.

The Benefits of Sharing Your Story

Jesus sent the demoniac back to his community to share his story, and there's a lesson here for us.

‘I Never Knew Jesus Could Be Like This.’

These words from a frequent attender both encouraged and challenged me.