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Work Today for Success Tomorrow

When you find yourself in a struggling church, it’s natural to feel the urge to make quick changes, point fingers, and avoid personal responsibility. However, instead of casting blame, let's focus on what we can control, with God's power working through us.

5 Steps to Leading the Kaizen Way

Comfort is the enemy of the church, and Kaizen opposes it.

One Church’s Story of Transformation

We waited as each church went through the 30-day jumpstart. Then we heard the stories.

Renovate by Innovating

It sounds so simple, but it will take grit to overcome self-doubt and strategic decline to push forward with an innovative spirit to reach the community and bless them as the hands and feet of Christ.

Flee, Fight, or Pray?

Fleeing may not be the answer, but falling on one's knees in open repentance to God for their part in the disagreement enables healing to begin in one's heart.

Dying to Live

The community outside the church's walls needs a Bible-teaching church as much as the church needs a community that is invested in what it offers.

Is There Hope for a Dying Church?

Most of you will not be surprised at the challenges we will highlight as we inform you about the increasing number of moribund churches in America.

What God Did in a Small Church, in a Small Town

You must hear what God has done in that church in that small town.