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Temple Baptist: A Community Pillar

“They say you grow where you are planted, and I have come to appreciate that more than ever,” Pastor Walsworth says. “I’ve learned the value of longevity.”

Finding True Freedom

The ministry volunteers start by asking facility staffers about their needs. They then focus on building a ministry that serves those particular needs, and provide a consistent faith community within the correctional facility.

Doing Unto Others

Davis maintains that ministry shouldn’t be about serving at church on a Sunday morning, because those people are already saved. Instead, it should be about doing ministry on the mission field and talking to people who are unchurched.

Talk About Special

Access Christian Church emphasizes that everyone has God-given strengths and talents that need to be used in the kingdom. Therefore, church leadership has as their goal to give everyone the opportunity to serve.

Brilliant in the Basics

Mobberly Baptist doesn’t use people to help the church grow. Instead, they optimize the church to help the people grow.

The Perks of Seniority

Greater St. John has seen a 70% increase in senior participation since COVID-19.

A Church for the City

They are always trying to figure out what would keep people from coming through the doors, then work to remove any barrier that could be a hindrance.

Come and Worship

Knowing that meeting their neighbors would help the church grow, Gunn felt the key would be to reach out to their children.