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Common Mistakes in Pursuing Multiplication—Part 1

If multiplication is our goal, we need to avoid making these mistakes that undermine our efforts in making new disciples.

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The purpose of our discipleship-focused relationships can often get sidetracked. Here are things to pay attention to in order to stay on track.

Common Mistakes in Establishing Disciples—Part 3

Establishing a person in the faith is an essential part of disciple making. Here are common ways we short-change discipleship.

3 Lies That Hinder Your Effectiveness

Here are lies that I have fought regularly, along with some encouragement the Lord has given me related to each one.

Greg Laurie: 3 Key Character Traits for Young Leaders

Insights from Greg Laurie on the most important character traits for young leaders to cultivate in their lives—traits that good mentors model.

How to Prepare for a ‘Gospel Appointment’—Part 3

Once you've scheduled your gospel appointment with someone, here's how to prepare for the conversation.

How to Set Up a ‘Gospel Appointment’—Part 2

Setting up a gospel appointment quite simple. Here are natural ways to do it based on the context where the invitation happens.

Why ‘Gospel Appointments’ Are So Effective—Part 1

You've probably heard of relational evangelism and initiative evangelism, but 'gospel appointments' blend the best of both.