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Directions in Outreach - January/February Issue

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The January/February 2015 issue features Directions in Outreach: 6 Trends, 5 Churches, 12 Perspectives.

Kevin Harney, Thomas Bandy, Larry Osborne, Scot McKnight, Peyton Jones, Tony Morgan and others consider a wide range of evolving trends shaping outreach and the church: a new spirit of collaboration; a new church plant initiatives; an increasing focus on church mergers; the reshaping of the multisite movement; the imperative of diversity in ministry; and intentional efforts to reach the unchurched. The Outreach Interview with Jon Weece, “Lead Follower” of Central Kentucky’s Southland Christian Church, explores the simplicity of active faith. Plus perspective from columnists and contributors Ed Stetzer, Dan Kimball, Bobby Gruenewald, Brad Powell and others.

Don’t miss this significant issue on these trends and their impact on the church.