Try This: Bag Groceries at Self-Checkout Grocery Stores

Idea Starter: Help shoppers’ grocery store visits go much more smoothly and quickly.

Try This: Offer Rides Home and Bottles of Water and Gatorade for Bar Patrons

Idea Starter: When late-night partiers are most vulnerable, show them your church is there for them.

Try This: Empower Those at Risk of Contracting HIV With Knowledge

Idea Starter Offer free HIV testing and post-test Christian counseling

Try This: Collect Food for Your Local Food Pantry at Grocery Stores

Offer a free reusable shopping bag in exchange for a donation

Try This: Give Single Parents a Break

Host single parents in the community for an evening.

Try This: Surprise Employees of Local Businesses With Gifts of Gratitude

Idea Starter: Show store employees that your church appreciates their presence and hard work on your community

Try This: Hold a Cake-Decorating Class

Idea Starter: Ask a pro cake decorator to teach you the basics, then share the sweet results with others.

Try This: Support Military Families

Idea Starter: Offer support groups for service members and their families, and celebrate their service on Memorial and Veteran’s days

Try This: Treat Busy Moms to Time Off

Let moms catch up on errands or mingle with other adults while you watch the kids.

Pooling Resources to Support Global Missions: St. Delight Pentecostal Church in South Carolina

How St. Delight Pentecostal Church in Little River, S.C., sends its pastor to Kenya multiple times on missions