Use Technology and Planning Tools to Grow Your Church

Church assessment tools let you measure progress toward growth goals.

Ensure Your Church is as Helpful as Possible With a “Concierge”

Idea Starter: Have volunteers specialize in connecting people to resources inside and outside the church.

Beyond Awesome Coffee: Impact Church

"You won't ever see me or my team swooping out of some green room into the church in our super pastor capes."

Welcome First-Time Guests With a Flower

Idea Starter: Offer guests a small potted plant or flower to say ‘welcome.'

Send a Welcome Video to New Attendees

Idea Starter: Email a video of the pastor or church members saying ‘thanks for coming’

Let Congregants Connect Using QR Codes

Idea Starter: Create QR codes to drive people back to your church’s website.

Offer Shorter Small Group Options

Idea Starter: The Journey church allows newcomers to build connections without pressure to get involved right away

Try This: Ask the Unchurched How to Make Your Church More Appealing

Idea Starter: Find out what your church is lacking by asking the unchurched

Ask Members to Commit to Weekly Worship, Serving and Bible Study

Idea Starter: Savannah Christian Church challenges members to three hours a week in God

Donate to Charity for Every Connection Card Turned In

Idea Starter: Encourage first-time visitors to turn in connection cards by donating to charity for each submitted card.