A Seismic Shift in Outreach

Jesus wed mission and message together seamlessly - it's time for us to do the same.

Who Is Our Neighbor Today?

“There is no moral excuse for how we are now treating our neighbors who are falling along the side of the road of the global supply chains, which are now the world’s main roads.”

The Crossroads of Outreach and Immigration

When it comes to illegal immigration, should we build a bigger fence or cultivate more compassion?

Living a Gospel-Saturated Life

“What else might we do today that would be more significant than telling others that the God of the universe loves them and desires for them to know him and be saved from their sins forever?”

Being Christ’s Hands and Feet

How reaching out to the surrounding community revived Crossroads United Methodist Church.

A Super Bowl Champ Tackles Men’s Ministry

Chad Hennings, a former defensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys, discusses his dependence on God and helping other men grow in their faith.

A Redemptive Truce in the Culture War

"Non-Christians experience countercultural Christianity when they’re invited to experience the faith without necessarily making commitments first."

A Church Rebounds With a Change of Heart

How a commitment to love people as they are brought growth to Creekside Church.

Are Real Partnerships in Global Missions Possible?

“For effective North American-global partnerships to exist, we need to revise our paradigms, or the ways we look at things.”

Pursuing God’s Dream of Restoration

“The dream of God is not merely a future reality. It is a reality that we can taste, touch, feel and live today if only we would reach for it together.”