Hope for Nov. 9: Pastors on the Election

Several pastors answer the question, “What is the message of hope you want to give to America in the aftermath of this election?”

Praying for Unity

Max Lucado: "God’s ship is a grand vessel. Just as a ship has many rooms, so God’s kingdom has room for many opinions."

Pastors and Money: 5 Questions for Good Stewardship

"It is not wise to apply 'equal and fair' when it comes to the amount of money given to your ministries. Be strategic!"

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5 Destructive Lies About Pastors

"It is totally wrong to make categorically false statements about pastors because you know a few negative examples."

3 Keys to Engaging a Post-Church Culture

Lessons from this year's Outreach magazine/LifeWay Research survey of large, fast-growing churches.

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Ronnie Floyd: "Discouragement in ministry is real. When you are down, how do you get back up?"

Andy Stanley Responds to His Critics

After controversial sermon, Andy Stanley crafts response to critics that explains his perspective on message and method.

7 Signs Your Church Is Going Nowhere Fast

"All churches experience temporary plateaus and flatlines in their growth patterns."

The State of the American Church: What the Numbers Are Telling Us

Ed Stetzer: "Research data gives us a realistic picture of our health—rather than the overly optimistic view we’d prefer."