These 6 Questions Will Reveal How Well You Love Your Neighbors

"There is no need to see accountability questions as burdensome if we understand that God’s grace is our foundation."

If You Can’t See These People, You Can’t See Christ

"How we treat the poor, the oppressed, the immigrant and the incarcerated is directly related to our intimacy with God."

Leading Toward a Multiethnic Future

“A movement of economically diverse and multiethnic churches can profoundly shape the trajectory of America’s future.”

Pursuing Diversity: The Math of the Kingdom

"You can't have a diverse church until you live a diverse life. Diversity in our churches is preceded by diversity in our living rooms."

Efrem Smith: Pursuing a Childlike Citizenship

"Armed with love and with childlike faith, we become an army, advancing the right-side-up kingdom of God."

Sharing a Dinner Table With Muslims: A Redemptive Invitation

"As Christians, when we engage in these sorts of relationships and conversations, we bring Jesus with us to a literal table."

5 Ways a Church Can Redeem Its Community

“The American church has proved it can fill the seats, but it has yet to prove that the gospel can transform entire communities.”

The Divided State of the U.S. Is a Big Opportunity for the Church

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3 Steps to Racial Reconciliation in the Church

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From the Heart of a Pastor: Personal Reflections on the 44th President of the...

"We explained to our children that in America's 240 years of historical existence, this was a first."