Dan Kimball: Beyond ‘Outside the Box’

"When it comes to innovation, there should be no group on the planet that strives to think creatively like the local church does."

‘Day for the Unreached’ to Focus on Billions Who Have Never Heard the Gospel

On May 15, 2016, churches and other faith-based organizations are invited to pray and advocate for unreached people groups.

Preaching on Homosexuality: 7 Points to Consider

"God’s Word changes hearts, but especially on sensitive subjects, God’s Word is often most effective in relationships of trust."

Church Planting in a Secular Society: Two Approaches

Ed Stetzer: How do you plant churches in a secular society?

Incarnational Ministry: The Power of Being Human

Hugh Halter: "Being human may be how we are all born, but staying human is not natural—it’s supernatural."

4 Cultural Trends Pastors Should Recognize

Ed Stetzer: "God is calling us to help people move from an attractional mentality to an incarnational one."

Is It Possible to Manipulate People Into the Kingdom?

"Nowhere in Scripture are we commanded to 'get people to pray the sinner’s prayer.' We were told to make disciples."

Rick Warren: Balance Is the Key to Church Health

"A far better focal point than church growth is church health. Big isn’t better. Small isn’t better. Healthy is better."

Amplifying Evangelism: The Future of Outreach and Mission

Ed Stetzer: "Churches that make these three shifts will be more effective at outreach in a skeptical culture."

The Decline of Christian America—An Opportunity for the Gospel?

Ed Stetzer: "People need to see that 'Christian' isn’t just a check box on a survey, but a life changed by the gospel."