Why Jesus Is Key to Kingdom Thinking and Church Planting

The life of Jesus is the key to our missional mindset and discipleship practices as a church.

Why We Should Pray in All Circumstances

We can be confident when we pray because of who God is and what he has done.

Why We Need a Theology of Technology

Technology is an amoral resource, like money; so how do we steward our technological engagement well?

The Gospel Means Victory

When you dig into the roots of the word 'gospel' you discover it's much richer than simply 'good news.'

Why We Need Less Human Effort and More Jesus

Made for More—Shift 1: From More Effort to More Jesus

3 Steps to Helping Someone Overcome Shame

The person struggling with shame needs three things, all of which are present in the story of the bleeding woman in Luke 8.

How to Love People You Don’t Like

We are commanded to love our enemies, yet the power to love doesn't come from sheer willpower, but from God's promise to us.

How to Create Disciple-Making Environments

Discipleship is not just about those already in the church, but those outside as well.

Putting an End to Relational Poverty

When I was a youth pastor, I’d take annual foreign mission trips with my students. And leading up to the trip we’d have training and prep to do. Of...

Mobilizing God’s People God’s Way

The way we motivate and mobilize volunteers often isn't God's way; fortunately, Paul lays a roadmap in Ephesians.