Is Discipleship About Growing or Going?

We need to make disciples, but discipleship is more than moving people to conversion. It includes moving them beyond it.

Secrets of Self-Care

Eugene Cho: "We must learn to take care of and invest in ourselves."

Why the World Needs More "Mere" Christians

"A 'mere' Christian may be the only kind that can get through to a 'none' world."

The Secret Power of Availability

Bob Goff: “We answer people’s questions about love every time we make ourselves more available.”

How Technology Can Drive Discipleship

"There’s no denying that technology allows us to connect a new generation and help them flourish in their walk with Christ."

Why I Don’t Like to Sing During ‘Worship’

The average church spends over 75 percent of their resources keeping the "house of worship" open. Is that a good thing?

‘The Problem with My Old Church Was …’

Brandon Cox encourages leaders to promote unity and avoid playing into people's complaints about their "old" church.

Numbing Your Pain Is Numbing Your Potential

We need to feel our own Pain. And we must understand our own story if we hope to help other people find theirs.

The Messy Journey to Jesus

"We must be thankful for each person and allow the Holy Spirit to work through us."

Milk, Meat and the Malnourished Church

Steven Furtick: Is the American church malnourished? And if so, is it the pastor's fault?