Orphan Care: The Unexpected Difference You Can Make

Johnny Carr: "Many churches view orphan care as a 'project,' but biblically, the church is the agent God has set in place for orphan care."

Serving the God We Know, Knowing the God We Serve

Tyler Wigg-Stevenson: "What does the shape of my service look like? If I cannot save the world, what can I do in it?"

America's Changing Religious Landscape

Wesley Granberg-Michaelson: "As the West becomes post-Christian, non-Western Christianity is coming to the West."

The Church Plant Question: What Would Jesus Do?

Steve Addison: "We must look beyond what we can do and ask, 'What needs to be done? What will it look like when our task is finished?'"

Connecting Across the Religious Divide

Bob Roberts Jr.: "Are you ready to stop living in isolation as a follower of Jesus?"

Excellent at a Few Things – And Other Laws of Leadership

Gary L. McIntosh and Charles Arn: "Many churches could reduce the number of their institutional programs by 25 percent without doing any damage to their ministry. "

"People-Pleasing Pastors" – And Other Quotables

Charles Stone: “I wish I’d known 25 years ago what I’ve written about in this book. I could have avoided a lot of heartache in our family and in the churches I served.”

A Reasonable Response: Evolutionary Theory and Theism

William Lane Craig: "This is just one more of those cases that illustrate so powerfully the importance of careful philosophical thinking about science."


Hugh Halter: Bringing the Incarnation Down to Earth, Learning to Be Human Like Jesus

Apologetics and the Down Side of Tradition

Mark Mittelberg: "Are we willing to step back and examine our inherited beliefs?"