Kyle Idleman: Grace Is Greater—Part 2

“In the church we want grace to be the motivation for our godliness, to be what inspires how we treat other people.”

Krish Kandiah: A Faithful Enigma—Part 1

"Preaching and proclamation cannot be separated from lived-out mission, especially in a ‘post-truth’ world.”

Krish Kandiah: A Faithful Enigma—Part 2

"God is so transcendent. Rather than being fearful of that, or worried, we should turn to face it, look directly at it in Scripture.”

J.R. Briggs: Culture and Discipleship

"Wisdom without courage is riskless. Courage without wisdom is reckless. But wisdom and courage together is priceless."

Tom Doyle: Culture and Discipleship

"Inspiring and training believers to share their faith is one of the biggest challenges we have in the Western church."

Nathan A. Finn: Culture and Discipleship

“We need to recognize that even believers see the world in certain ways based upon ethnicity, class and gender.”

Michael Frost: Culture and Discipleship

“God is on the move, extending the reign of Jesus throughout culture and society, and it’s our job to join in with what God is doing.”

Bobby Harrington: Culture and Discipleship

"A church must first establish a culture of love and effective relational disciple-making."

Bob Hyatt: Culture and Discipleship

"The gospel will always be good news and an offense to those on both sides of our increasingly divided spectrum."

Josh Patrick: Culture and Discipleship

“The scorecard is changing. Church leaders are less enamored with drawing crowds and seem more interested in making disciples.”