John Van Pay: The Simplicity of America’s Fastest-Growing Church—Part 2

“The simplicity of our model trusts that kingdom work happens best when our small groups are unleashed and not managed.”

J.D. Greear: ‘I See Many Churches Failing to Play Their Part’

"Our Enemy wants nothing more than to use good things to distract us from the one essential thing: our focus on the gospel."

Steve Stroope: ‘An Amazing Crop of Young Leaders’

"I am having more fun pastoring today than I have ever had before."

Derwin Gray: Leading Toward Diversity—Part 1

“Here’s the thing that still blows me away: I knew that I was loved, and that love wasn’t based upon how I performed.”

Derwin Gray: Leading Toward Diversity—Part 2

“If I’m always the smartest person in the room, then the room I'm in is too small or I'm too insecure.”

Shawn Johnson: ‘Our No. 1 Priority Is Reaching Spiritually Lost People’

"If I’m not careful, I can let the positive or the negative words about me begin to define me."

Natasha Sistrunk Robinson: Discipleship Begins With Mentoring

"Embracing mentoring as a leadership factory is wise and crucial for a healthy church."

Greg Surratt: The Interview—Part 1

"Every community needs a life-giving church. Have you ever been in a life-sucking church? It's the opposite of that."

Greg Surratt: The Interview—Part 2

"Every community needs multiple church plants because there are so many different expressions of the local body."

Peyton Jones: A New Breed of Church Planting

"We’re attempting to get out of God’s way, replicate what the apostles did to overcome challenges and take risks for the gospel."