5 Intentional Actions to Find Teen Leaders

Identifying and developing young leaders is a key to healthy youth ministry.

Ohio Church Connects With Refugees … Through the Dinner Table

Bring Together Refugees and Disparate Cultures Through a Night of Fellowship and Ethnic Foods

10 Ways to Improve Your Sermon Series Planning

Get the most out of your weekend messages throughout the year with these steps.

Grace for the City: Building for the City

Blessing the Community Economically, Culturally, Relationally.

Idea Starter: Outreach Football Game

Get in on the fun with a pigskin classic before the Super Bowl.

Investing in Kingdom Expansion: Resonate Church

Reaching and Training Students to Plant Churches Is a Fruitful Investment in the Kingdom.

‘The Atmosphere Was Awesome and Inviting’—Lessons From a Mystery Visitor

People From Teens Through About Age 50 Would Love This Church.

Idea Starter: Equip People to Manage Their Finances

In a still-struggling economy, reach out by offering classes to help eliminate debt and manage money better.

Indiana Church’s Rebirth Draws the Unchurched

"We're All Owners, not Attendees. We're All Followers, not Fans. We're Spiritual Contributors, not Spiritual Consumers."

Try This: Help Third World Kids Attend School

Partner with parachurch organizations to support underprivileged children.