Texas Church Takes Easter to the Homeless

Austin New Church takes its Easter celebration to the homeless.

Try This: Coordinate an Easter Egg Drop

Use this twist on traditional Easter egg hunts to reach kids and their families.

Easter Idea Starter: Reach Inner-City Kids

Partner with Here’s Life Inner City to bring the Gospel and other fun treats to children.

Try This: Deliver Easter Eggs to Battered-Women’s Shelters

Bring a sense of normalcy to women and children in trying times.

Try This: Wash Dogs and Help the Humane Society

Connect with animal lovers with this unique fundraiser.

Easter: Bring ‘The Thorn’ Experience to Your Church

The live show or a church kit with video of the live performance provides a great experience for guests.

Try This: Drive-Through Passion Play on Easter

Share the story of Easter in a nonthreatening way that will bring people back to your church.

Hold an Easter-Themed Art Show

Kindness and professionalism can help your church connect with the art community.

Participating in an Urban Plunge Weekend: Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Iowa

Send teams to serve those in need in inner-cities.

Work Out With Faith

Partner with a local fitness club to bring worship services to people as they exercise.