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Unlocking Hearts

Over time the church has begun to hold retreats for men’s, women’s and youth ministry—about eight different retreats a year, and each retreat brings the church a new wave of fresh contacts.

Every Believer a Disciple Maker

Matshobane has chosen to pour himself into others and care both for who they are and what they’re doing.

The Joyful Watchman

The best mentorship I give is to get people into the Word and seeking what the Spirit wants to do through it today.

Deeper, Closer, Further

“Finding a way of life with Jesus is at the heart of our teaching.” -Melissa van Biljon

Transforming Bolivia One Conversation at a Time

We Need More Christians Who Know How to Apply the Word of God, Especially in a Society Filled with Religious Syncretism

Succession: Ready or Not?

Succession planning is a mixed bag across the globe.

To America With Love: Why U.S. Christianity’s Resurgence Will Come From Immigrants

The more global we are, the more globally connected, relevant and needed we will be.

What Can We Learn From Children’s Ministry in Ecuador?

"When a child’s life is being changed for good, it’s natural for the parents to be willing to help out. "