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3 Steps to Help Revitalize a Church

Pray with your people. Pray privately, and always maintain a spirit of prayer as you move forward in helping the church move from death to life over time.

When You Need to Revitalize Your Church Revitalization Efforts

4 warning signs you may need to revive your efforts

What NOT to Do When a Church Is in Decline

The hardest lesson a church needs to learn in a period of decline is often not what they should do, but what they shouldn’t.

How to Survive Leading a Church Revitalization

The first few years of church revitalization were hard. I’ve told people they were some of the hardest years of my career. But we survived. Now...

Why You Should ‘Replant’ Your Church Each Year

If you could plant a new church with the same community, building, staff and people, what would you do differently?