strangers in their communities

A Conversation With Josh Sherif, Author of ‘The Stranger at Our Shore’ (Moody)

This issue is at our doorstep. In our global world, this topic is more relevant now than ever before.
youth ministry as a mission

Brian Hull and Patrick Mays: Youth Ministry as Mission

“We believe that good youth leaders—youth leaders who care—learn about the culture of the people they care about. This is mission work.”
christian history

Scott Sunquist: The Shape of Christian History

“The carefully researched study of Christian history has a purpose beyond merely knowing what happened. Embedded in every chapter, episode and life are lessons for us, for our churches, and for society.”
associate pastors

Michael Mauriello: Associate Pastors

“There is more to the associate’s role than the relationship to the senior pastor.”
live on mission

Andy Stanley: Not in It to Win It

“Let’s love, live, and lead in such a way that we, the ekklesia of Jesus, regain the moral high ground and can serve as the conscience of our nation.”
how to find yourself

Brian Rosner: How to Find Yourself

“This book looks directly at our cultural moment and the identity angst that seems to have engulfed our age.”
spiritual hunger

Amy DiMarcangelo: A Hunger for More

“God doesn't want us to be satisfied with moderate portions of him.”
the message

Eugene H. Peterson: The Message New Testament

“The Bible is not only written about us but to us.”
disability justice

Amy Kenny: My Body Is Not a Prayer Request

This book shows that the church is missing out on the prophetic witness and blessing of disability.
abundant life

Mark Teasdale: Participating in Abundant Life

Through seven chapters, the author addresses the lack of soteriological imagination.