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Pastorpedia: Values, Goals and Your Church

Do We Need Them? Or Do We Just ‘Follow God’?

Pastorpedia: Building Team Spirit in Small and Large Church Staffs

Pastors Knute Larson, Jeff Bogue and Jim Brown talk about how they encourage the church staff to work like a team.

Pastorpedia: Creating Personal Boundaries and Guardrails

What boundaries do you have in place to protect your integrity?

Jesus Film Bundle Available for Special Price During Christmas

For $100, shoppers can buy 100 DVDs that feature the story of Jesus in 24 languages.

Pastorpedia: Working with Other Churches and Ministries

Knute Larson, Jeff Bogue and Jim Brown talk about how and when to work with other churches and ministries.

Ministry Pivot: Connecting With Your Congregation and Community

Russell St. Bernard talks with Larry Brey, ministries development pastor at Elevation Church in Matthews, North Carolina; Bobby Manning, senior pastor of First Baptist Church of District Heights in Maryland; and Candice Wynn, Orange specialist at Orange Leaders in Georgia.

Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback

“It’s always easy to say ‘I surrender everything’ when things are going great, life’s good. But when it comes to an injury like this it’s a chance to practice what I preach.”

Pastorpedia: Raising Funds for Special Projects

Proven advice for raising funds for kingdom expansion.

Pastorpedia: Leading People Post-COVID-19

A Video Resource of CE National, a church effectiveness ministry

Show ‘I Can Only Imagine’ at Your Church

Outreach Inc. is offering a license to show 'I Can Only Imagine' at your church, and a collection of resources to get the word out. Find out more here.