GodQuest (DVD and Guidebook)

Discover the God Your Heart Is Searching For
(DVD and Guidebook)
By Sean McDowell and Jennifer Dion (Outreach Inc.)

This six-week study leads participants through these topics: defining truth, evidence for God and creation, the Bible, the existence of evil, Jesus, Christianity and other religions. The video lessons feature well-known apologist, educator and speaker Sean McDowell, who has edited, written or co-written several books, including the related nonfiction book GodQuest (co-written by Stan Jantz); Apologetics for a New Generation; The Unshakable Truth (co-written by his father, Josh McDowell); Is God Just a Human Invention? (co-written by Jonathan Morrow); and Understanding Intelligent Design (co-written by William Dembski). The GodQuest study videos also include guest appearances by Lee Strobel, Josh McDowell, Craig Hazen, Barbara Wise, Miles McPherson, Dave Dravecky, Mark Strauss and Greg Koukl.

To order: GodQuest: Discover the God Your Heart Is Searching For


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