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Have You Caught God’s Vision? (God’s Man Series)
By Kenny Luck (WaterBrook, 2007)

This book is a daring challenge to stand up and experience the powerful, personal vision of God for your life. And it’s a companion for you every step of the way. Dream is the second in a series of resources for men who are ready to go to the next level in their faith—eager to make God’s vision a reality, and change the world.

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Effective Mens MinistryEffective Men’s Ministry:
The Indispensible Toolkit for Your Church
Edited by Phil Downer (Zondervan, 2001)

This is a comprehensive and practical resource on how to implement and conduct a healthy men’s ministry in the church, drawing from the wisdom and experience of leaders in the National Coalition of Men’s Ministries, a partnership of more than 75 organizations from more than 30 denominations, which represent more than half the churches in North America.

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Are You Willing to Pick a Fight with Evil? (God’s Man Series)
By Kenny Luck (WaterBrook, 2008)

This book is the manual for recognizing the deceptions about doing true spiritual battle, realizing the roles men play at the front lines, and rescuing the captives from the enemy’s stronghold.

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Unleashing God’s Power in a Man’s Heart
By Derwin L. Gray (Summerside, 2009)

At the core of their being, men are designed to be heroes because they are created in the image of the Great Hero—God. Former NFL player Derwin Gray directs men on a journey of restoration, calling them back to their God-appointed mission, challenging them to reclaim their place as warrior and worshiper.

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How to Build a Life-Changing Men's MinistryHow to Build a Life-Changing Men’s Ministry:
Practical Ideas and Insights for Your Church (Revised and Updated Edition)

By Steve Sonderman (Bethany House, 2010)

In this newly revised and expanded book, Steve Sonderman reveals proven ways to reach today’s men, including how to: plan strategically, build effective leadership, develop healthy small groups, and motivate and mobilize your men. Whether you are starting a men’s ministry from scratch or wanting to jump-start an established program, this book provides the inspiration and practical ideas necessary to take your ministry to the next level and beyond.

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Living Life in the ZoneLiving Life in the Zone:
A 40-Day Spiritual Game Plan for Men
By Kyle Rote Jr. and Joe Pettigrew (Nelson, 2009)

Living in the zone—that state of mind when almost everything seems to be working for you—is every man’s desire. But how does a man live in the zone as a Christian? This 40-day spiritual journey is a sports-filled prescription for today’s busy man designed to help remove stress and give him confidence to embrace his daily adventure.

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The MapThe Map:
The Way of All Great Men
By David Murrow (Nelson, 2010)

A map, hidden in the gospel of Matthew, is the key to awakening the sleeping giant in the church—men. Sounds like fiction, but it’s true. The Map begins as a fictional tale of murder, deception and greed as three men fight to uncover the most important discovery since the Dead Sea Scrolls. Then, using the tale as a parable, David Murrow shows men what the map looks like, where it is found in the Bible, and how to walk its three ancient pathways today.

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Pastoring MenPastoring Men:
What Works, What Doesn’t and Why It Matters Now More Than Ever

By Patrick Morley (Moody, 2008)

No man fails on purpose, yet our society is wrought with the results. And our well-intentioned solutions often don’t deal with the root issue. What solution does Pastoring Men offer? Disciple men. The purpose of Pastoring Men is to equip you to effectively reach all of your men. Men are hard to reach. But be assured—if you do, they will change the world.

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Are You Willing to Trust God with Everything? (The Every Man Series)
By Kenny Luck (WaterBrook, 2006)

When it comes to your faith, all the energy spent eliminating risk from your life actually becomes a barrier to progress in your spiritual journey. Risk is for men who are ready to go to the next level in their faith—and ready to say goodbye to playing it safe when it comes to radically trusting their Savior.

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Why Men Hate Going to ChurchWhy Men Hate Going to Church
By David Murrow (Nelson, 2004)
A 2005 Outreach Resource of the Year

“Not only does the book challenge churches to re-evaluate what they’re doing to reach unchurched men, it also gives creative suggestions on how other churches are doing it. And as reaching men is paramount to reaching families, this is a must-read for church leaders.” –Don Wilson, senior pastor at Christ’s Church of the Valley in Peoria, Ariz., from the May/June 2005 issue of Outreach magazine

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