Noise Cancellation

We have to eliminate distractions if we're going to be effective leaders.

From Father to Son: The First Letter From Eugene to Eric Peterson

Excerpted FromLetters to a Young PastorBy Eric Peterson and Eugene Peterson Dear Eric, I can’t tell you how pleased I’ve been since you suggested that I write these letters...

Brian Houston: Living God’s Calling—Part 1

"Believers and church leaders shouldn't just be living saved. They should be living called."

Being Christian in Public

Excerpted FromSunday’s Sermon for Monday’s WorldBy Sally Brown One visionary, creative action by one person can reverberate around the world. On a Thursday evening, December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks—an...

Letters to a Young Pastor

Timothy Conversations Between Father and Son (NavPress)

What Happens When We Practice What We Preach?

Simply living out your faith day by day speaks the gospel more powerfully than any sermon.

Stephen Witmer: A Vision for Small-Town Ministry—Part 2

We should want bigger and faster more and need it less.

Are We Operating From Scarcity or Abundance?

Our understanding of God's kingdom and provision must shape our business practices.

Developing Emotionally Mature Leaders

Aubrey Malphurs: How Emotional Intelligence Can Help Transform Your Ministry

Amplified Leadership

Dan Reiland: 5 Practices to Establish Influence, Build People, and Impact Others
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