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Discipleship and Spiritual Growth

Positive Thinking As a Response to God

Excerpted From I Declare War By Levi Lusko I have known a lot of people in the church who sneer at the idea of positive thinking, as though it were somehow a...

Dana Allin: Simple Discipleship

Grow Your Faith, Transform Your Community

The Preacher as Mentor

Preachers exert a unique influence as messengers of God and mentors in the faith. Here's how.

3 Symptoms of Trying to Live the Christian Life

Reasons why many Christians are disillusioned, disappointed, frustrated and confused.

The Discipleship Gospel

Bill Hull and Ben Sobels: What Jesus Preached—We Must Follow

What’s Holding You Back?

We all have things in the past we're stuck on, but by God's power you can move forward.

A Simple Note That Changed a Life

Small acts of kindness and love can bear long-term fruit in others' lives. God has given us the power to influence each other.

Why the Path to Transformation is Winding

At what level is your appetite for transformation and freedom.

Jared C. Wilson: The Gospel According to Satan

Eight Lies About God That Sound Like the Truth
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