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Discipleship and Spiritual Growth

secret to prayer

Praying with a Humble Heart

A humble heart faithfully, persistently, watchfully seeks after God in prayer.
spiritual formation

Mandy Smith: My Top 4 Books on Spiritual Formation

Here are some thoughtful resources on spiritual formation that could help strengthen and encourage you during these hard times.

An Invitation to a Life of Meaning

The evidence for God from design is most likely the most popular argument for God.
communication principles

 Jesus, Your Brain and Effective Communication

“For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power”
spiritual formation

Spiritual Formation Through Failure and Perseverance

Only perseverance based on our trust in the faithfulness of God can bring us to full completion in Christ.
post-christian era

Discipleship in a Post-Christian Era

Where we are going is toward the image of Christ
parents pass their faith

Handing Down the Faith

Where you are at with Christ is more than likely where your child will be with Christ.
holier than thou

Set Apart

Compare God to Everything. What Do You See?

Why Did My Story End Up This Way?

Excerpted From Fractured Faith
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