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Discipleship and Spiritual Growth

3 Steps to Take Before a Difficult Conversation

Preparing for a tough conversation requires examining and taking responsibility for our feelings toward others.

Tony Evans: Pathways

From Providence to Purpose

The Comforting Reality of God’s Providence

Even when we cannot see God at work in our world, he is sovereignly orchestrating everything.

Scott Sauls: Irresistible Faith

Becoming the Kind of Christian the World Can't Resist

Why Caring for the Needy Is the Backbone of Our Faith

Faith without works is dead, and the way we treat those in need reveals the true nature of our faith.

The Win-Win Dynamic of God’s Love and Glory

God's glory and love are not a zero-sum game. When we love and glorify God, we receive gain.

Curt Landry: Reclaiming Our Forgotten Heritage

How Understanding the Jewish Roots of Christianity Can Transform Your Faith

Our Identity Is Tied to Worship

Who or what we worship defines who we are.

Dana Allin: Simple Discipleship

Grow Your Faith, Transform Your Community