‘JESUS’ Film Media App Launched

The “JESUS” Film Project and the IXIST Tour are partnering on the new app, which makes thousands of video clips in 1,100 languages available to help share the Gospel.

The JESUS Film Project and the IXIST Tour are partnering to launch the JESUS Film Media mobile app.

JESUS Film Media is a free app providing anyone with an Android or iOS device access to the complete library of The JESUS Film Project—64,000 video clips in 1,100 languages. With access anywhere, anytime, the JESUS Film Media app allows users to instantly view or share a film. By eliminating barriers like language, literacy, and electricity, JESUS and additional videos can be shared without hassle. Through the app, users can view the two-hour original film, JESUS, with 61 teaching segments, in more than 1,100 languages; Magdalena, The Story of Jesus, and My Last Day, all subsequent films about Jesus’ life and death; and clips from the Global Short Film Network library—accessible to help share the Gospel. The app is available at App.JesusFilmMedia.org and through the Apple App iPhone Store and Google Play.

The JESUS Film Project exists to glorify God by providing people of every nation with the opportunity to learn about Jesus in their own language through film.

IXIST is more than a concert tour. IXIST is a ministry campaign dedicated to helping people share their testimony. Each night, one local market testimonial will be chosen and posted from an ongoing international YouTube channel created to inspire others to share their story and consider the work that God is doing through their lives.

The IXIST TOUR will kick off in February 2013, routing across the U.S.through March and then on to six countries in Africa. The tour will include IXIST Media Sessions featuring on-site interviews at each location; afternoon IXIST in-stores in select cities, and the IXIST Concert each night. The tour features the Xist Music roster of leading urban Christian artists and their ministries, anchored by the Billboard and SoundScan best-selling artists The Ambassador and Sean Simmonds. Supporting artists include Yaves, D-MAUB, UK-based artist Jahaziel, and Nate “NF” Feuerstein.

From Outreach Magazine  Evangelism, Discipleship, Service - Look Inside the Nov/Dec 2017 Issue