Video email and email marketing application


Founded: 2006
Cost: $20/month to $175/month (based on list size)

Sends video messages, newsletters and promotions to specific groups within your church via email and tracks results.

The Gathering in Colorado Springs, Colo., has been using BombBomb for three years to create dynamic email messages—with video—from Lead Pastor Mike Worley. The church primarily uses it for a weekly newsletter to the church family, sharing news, events, snow closures, etc. With a smiling face and cheerful voice, the videos allow the church to connect in a more personal way.


Learn more about tech solutions for churches in the March/April 2012 issue of Outreach.

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  1. certifying Pete Buttigieg’s foreign policy speech

    southern region Bend, Ind, Mayor Pete Buttigieg has had an awesome 2019. Despite a political rsum that primarily carries running a city with barely more than 100,000 we, He has caught a persons vision of Main Street and Wall Street alike. He has been quite good in the televised town hall format that has dominated the beginning of the 2020 presidential race. alongside Sen. at the Warren, He has had some solid polling momentum meet ukrainian girl lately weeks. He’s been doing very well to attract the ire of the hard left, Which one could argue is a go with of sorts. Even if he doesn’t earn the nomination, Buttigieg has earned the attention of Democrats everywhere.

    Buttigieg has yet another thing to in common with Warren (and also Sen. Bernie Sanders): He takes foreign policy pretty seriously. He has assembled a superb roster of young foreign policy advisers. He also gave a serious foreign policy speech last week at Indiana University. The speech has won plaudits from the expected quarters.

    The hard working staff here at Spoiler Alerts admires anyone willing to ignore how much most voters do not care about foreign policy and show that they care about foreign policy. I graded Warren’s foreign policy vision when it released, And it only seems fair to do a similar to Buttigieg.

    mayor Pete,

    This is an efficient, Meaty speech. You wisely open track of a gesture of bipartisanship by praising Richard Lugar. You also cleverly lower objectives by declaring, “I do not aspire to supply a full Buttigieg Doctrine today, generally speaking, you and your team should be proud, You’ve put in quality work here. But there is a lot more work to do in the future.

    Let’s target the strengths first. Your speech does two things especially well. You correctly list leader Trump’s foreign policy sins: “This administration has embraced and emboldened autocrats, While alienating democracies and allies throughout the world. It has undermined america’s alliances, close ties and treaties. It has employed tariffs as outbursts, Provoked trade wars while disinvesting in the training, Health care and infrastructure fundamental to our nation’s long term strength,

    You also manage to pull off quite the feat by tying America’s values to its interests without suggesting greater intervention in world affairs. This is a phenomenally difficult tightrope to walk. Most foreign policy speeches that urge greater restraint than things as they are reference John Quincy Adams and “shimmering city on a hill” whereas move on. But this speech does way more than that, Taking care to tell apart the benefits from promoting democratic values from, you already, invading Iraq. It also explains precisely how promoting American values serves America’s long term interests.

    Props meant for foreign policy team, since this is also a wonk speech. You discuss the desire to update the AUMF, The necessity of prioritizing climate change and some fine tuned distinctions on how to approach North Korea and Israel. Then there’s this sentence, which feel like an espresso shot to every aspiring foreign policy wonk

    A foreign policy that serves our people in their daily lives can best be made by united states officials who represent the full diversity of our people. For far to much time, Our national security venue has not reflected this diversity. So we must work to upgrade our hiring practices market both diversity and excellence. And no matter where they come from, Our finest minds should find it as attractive and persuasive to serve in Foggy Bottom, Or USAID or Langley as it is often to work on Wall Street or in Silicon Valley. We should establish flexible career paths for civilians working in defense, Diplomacy and learning ability, With benefits appropriate for a generation that will change professions more often than my parents’ generation changed job titles.

    This will be sorely needed after four years of Donald Trump intentionally and unintentionally eviscerating the foreign policy machinery.

    regardless of this, I agree with Thomas Wright about the speech’s flaws. You spoken a lot about “Involving citizens across America in a meaningful call about how foreign policy and national security concern their communities, You was not able, but the truth is, To make the web link between the global economy and kitchen table issues. genuinely curious, Since it would seem to be an obvious connection, And one where you could already have a different perspective than, tell him, Donald Trump or elizabeth Warren.

    both equally, You identify China as a threat without giving much of guidance about what you would do about it. a say we “Will not be able to meet this challenge by sticking to a 20th century strategy, That noises Obama esque, And I don’t suggest that in the good way, I mean you need to offer some more specifics about managing that rising power.

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