Partnership To Provide Centralized Online Church Community

Northland, A Church Distributed and software company Church Community Builder work together

Church Community Builder, the pioneer of socially based church management software, has partnered with Northland, A Church Distributed, a congregation of 12,000 based in Longwood, Fla., that uses online worship to reach thousands of people worldwide.

Soon, Northland will use CCB’s software to centralize its information, which is currently spread across multiple databases, and to provide a centralized online community that will draw worshippers around the globe together to worship, serve and be equipped as followers of Christ.

“Northland’s vision really aligns with what Church Community Builder was intended to be—the central hub for church community, communications and evaluation,” says Steve Caton, vice president of sales and marketing for the web-based church software company. “We are excited to be working with Northland to help them better measure the impact of their discipleship and community building and to assist them in creating a unified experience for their attendees across their multisite campuses.”

Marty Taylor, executive director of media design and technology for Northland, adds: “Our goal is for people to be distributed and to serve others and to do everything for the sake of others. At the same time, we want to bring people together in community. CCB’s software will help us to do all of this and more.”

Northland plans to utilize CCB for its web-based church database, along with task and project management, and CCB will be opening up its application programming interfaces to build out additional functionality that meets Northland’s needs.

Taylor adds, “CCB has not portrayed themselves as lock in—they want to open up and allow people to create solutions that work for them. Out of the box, there’s already plenty of functionality within CCB, and there will be even more as they expand their API. We are very excited about the possibilities.”

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Northland is a pioneer in creating online worship environments, including live worship via iPhone and Facebook, and gladly shares these tools with other churches in “open source” fashion. Northland intends to give away some of the tools CCB develops specifically for them to help other churches grow in community.

CCB has a Facebook fan page that helps people keep up with new developments.

Birthed in 1999, Church Community Builder made available the first ever web-based church management software to offer churches a flexible and affordable way to manage every aspect of church. Today, CCB is actively serving more than 1,300 churches in 11  countries, including church plants, megachurches, and multisite churches with more than 10,000 attendees. The entire CCB team is committed first to serving the kingdom by empowering churches. CCB believes that success is realized when doing the Lord’s work in a way that serves the body and honors the Word.