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Lessons Learned After Seminary

That love is the most important in serving the church. I don’t think much was said or written way back about relationships with people and kindness and things that God says are most important.

Going From a Staff to a Team

What shall we do as leaders to build strong teams of people who love each other in the best way possible?

What Are the Essential Church Policies?

Do you have clear procedures to keep your church on track?

How to Love Your Church

Practices that will keep you in the habit of showing love to your church

Why Make a Schedule as a Ministry Professional?

The ins and outs of planning your week of ministry

Pleasing God or Pleasing People

Overcoming the drive toward people-pleasing as a pastor

When Does Leadership Become Abusive?

Recognizing the signs of unhealthy leadership

Is Church Renewal Possible?

Unpacking the dynamics of giving your church a hard restart.