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In Hard Times, God Gives Us the Gift of His Spirit

This Scripture has three traits plus instruction that are a guide from heaven about where we can turn when we don’t know what else to do.

8 Ways to Model a Walk With God

As spiritual leaders, we should seek inner growth of character, wisdom and obedience more than outer growth of ministry impact.

How Did Jesus Act Toward Sinners?

In a very real sense, Jesus shows overwhelming, astonishing mercy and undeserved grace to sinners, and yet Jesus sends the self-righteous scurrying off like dogs with tails caught between their legs.

God Has Good Things Planned for You

Why We Must Depend on the Promises of God in Difficult Times

When Truth Is Not Popular

Billy Graham received criticism throughout his life simply for telling the truth. But we need truth more than ever.

What God Does in an Instant Far Outweighs What We Attempt in a Lifetime

What do you need God to do in your life? What problems are you facing? Have you been trying to do it all in your flesh, or are you remembering to depend on the Holy Spirit?

Why We Must Persevere in Prayer

Encouraging insights from Daniel 10 for persisting in prayer while we wait for an answer.

How God Provides for Us

4 encouragements about God's provision