Outreach Magazine 2007

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JanFeb 07 Outreach

Jan/Feb 2007

America’s Most Innovative Churches

Craig Groeschel: “Our technology initiatives fan the flame”; 5 Trends Facing the Church; Digital Outreach; Can your church change? The Outreach Interview: Rick Rusaw

MarApril 07 Outreach

March/April 2007

Inside the Mind of the Unchurched

Dan Kimball: 6 Perceptions You Need to Know; the eBay Atheist; engaging college students; Useless church constitution? Father’s Day ideas; intergenerational Sunday school

MayJune 07 Outreach

May/June 2007

Resources of the Year

Joel Hunter: Whose earth is it, anyway? Faith in Action Sunday; John Rucyahana, Bishop of Rwanda, on forgiveness; holistic health from an East Dallas church

JulyAug 07 Outreach

July/Aug 2007

Church Growth

Grow your church, or grow more churches? urban-centric missions strategy; America’s top 25 multiplying churches; the de-churched. The Outreach Interview: Greg Laurie

SeptOct 07 Outreach

Sept/Oct 2007

Guest Connections

Closing the back door; Is assimilation manipulation? successful churchwide campaigns; how to fix small groups; The Outreach Interview: Joshua Harris

The 2007 Outreach 100

The 2007 Outreach 100

America’s Largest and Fastest-Growing Churches

The missional megachurch; Nelson Searcy on breaking growth barriers; confessions of a megachurch pastor. The Outreach Interview: David Platt

NovDec 07 Outreach

Nov/Dec 2007

Hispanics in America

Who are today’s Hispanics and how will they energize your church for a new era of ministry? Are you un-reaching homosexuals? The Outreach Interview: Rick Stearns

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James P. Long
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James P. Long is the editor of Outreach magazine and is the author of a number of books, including Why Is God Silent When We Need Him the Most?