Missionaries Distribute Filters for World Water Day

CARROLLTON, Texas—National missionaries serving in South Asia are distributing BioSand water filters to celebrate World Water Day today, March 22. In one village, 12 families in desperate need of clean water have recently received BioSand water filters. There is only one well nearby, but many people often get sick from drinking its water because it is contaminated.

The local hospital authorities reported that a large number of patients from this village suffered from various ailments as a result of drinking polluted water. The United Nations states, “At any one time, half of the world’s hospital beds are occupied by patients suffering from waterborne diseases.”

Seeing the people’s great need, Gospel for Asia provided BioSand water filters, which use natural resources to remove 98 percent of impurities from contaminated water. When the villagers tasted the purified water, they were amazed at how sweet and refreshing it was compared to the water they had been drinking directly from their well. Many asked if they could receive a water filter as well.

Daniel Punnose, vice president of Gospel for Asia, has seen firsthand the important role BioSand water filters play in supplying clean water to those who have never had it before. He’s also witnessed how they satisfy a deeper thirst as well.

“Most of us don’t realize that half the world has no access to clean drinking water. Gospel for Asia providing BioSand water filters means villagers finally have the chance to have their very own source of fresh water. Not only that, they get to experience the love of Christ in a practical way.”

As the world focuses its attention on the importance of freshwater for World Water Day, Gospel for Asia will take part in helping alleviate the great need for clean water and keeping many others out of the hospital—one filter at a time. For more information, visit GFA.org/cleanwater.

Gospel for Asia is an evangelical mission organization based in Carrollton, Texas, involved in sharing the love of Jesus across South Asia.