MAF Dedicates Two Planes for Service in Indonesia

NAMPA, Idaho—Mission Aviation Fellowship, an aviation, communications, and technology ministry serving 1,500 Christian and relief organizations worldwide, dedicated two new aircraft Friday for service in remote areas of Indonesia.

The Kodiak planes were given as gifts by two donors who wish to remain anonymous. Each Kodiak costs some $1.7 million.

“I know the excitement the sound of these planes will generate in places with names like Kiwi, Bomela, Langda and Koropun,” said Dave Rask, Mission Aviation Fellowship’s director of aviation resources. “These are places that have never seen a car. Places so remote that the only way to reach them is a long trek through the jungle or by plane. In these areas, the missionaries, the medicines, books, Bibles … even the nails for the buildings and the aluminum for the roofs are delivered by MAF.”

Some 150 people gathered at the ministry’s aircraft hangar in Nampa, Idaho, to ask the Lord to bless the work of the two planes and the people they will serve.

Mission Aviation Fellowship has been ministering in the isolated areas of Indonesia since the 1950s. Today, it has 48 missionary staff members and 102 Indonesian employees serving in Indonesia with 22 planes. In 2011, the ministry flew 14,735 Indonesian flights, delivering 51,918 passengers and 4,870,818 pounds of cargo.

“The needs in Indonesia are so great that MAF’s capacity has never been able to meet all the demands,” Rask said. “The Kodiak is a larger, faster plane that is able to land on most of the small airstrips we use. One pilot can double his output and goods can be delivered for much less. Will these planes change lives? Absolutely!”

Over the next two years, the ministry hopes to acquire seven more aircraft to replace aging planes and meet growing demands for service. All seven are earmarked for Africa.

Mission Aviation Fellowship is a family of organizations with a singular mission: to share the Gospel through aviation and technology so that isolated people may be physically and spiritually transformed. Serving in 32 countries with a fleet of 142 planes, the ministry supports the efforts of some 1,500 Christian and relief organizations. A significant part of this global network, Mission Aviation Fellowship-US is headquartered in Nampa, Idaho.