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4 Ways to Beat Your Ministry Funk

It’s inevitable--we all go through ministry funks. Steven Furtick offers four tips on getting out of them.

The Danger of Complexity in Outreach

Steven Furtick: "If you’re going to err, err on the side of simply giving people Jesus."

Learn to Balance Celebration and Anticipation

There’s a tension that exists whenever God moves greatly in our lives and in our churches. Manage it well.

Jesus and Bad Advertising

Steven Furtick: "I believe the most important message in the world deserves the best presentation."

You Have to Move People to Reach People

Steven Furtick discusses the art of moving people in ministry.

Are You Preaching Like a Pharisee and Don’t Know It?

"Preaching should unburden people. As preachers, our job is to challenge people, yes, but not to burden them."

Milk, Meat and the Malnourished Church

Steven Furtick: Is the American church malnourished? And if so, is it the pastor's fault?

God’s Glory and Grandma’s Traditions

Steven Furtick: What you hold up as a tool for transformation today can easily become an idol of tradition tomorrow.