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A Full Circle Moment at the Asbury University Revival

There was a joy and life to it that took me back to my childhood days at county fairs. It also reawakened in me memories of tent revivals I had attended as a kid. The energy was palpable, fresh, vibrant, inviting and simple.

What Is Happeneding at Asbury University Wasn’t Planned—Is This the Start of Widespread Revival?

Notably, there wasn’t anything flashy taking place inside Hughes Auditorium. The worship band consisted of no more than a piano, guitar, and a cajón (box drum). There were no flashy lights, song sheets, or even lyrics on a screen.

10 Ways to Spark Revival

God promises to show up and do a new work inside your heart that will make a lasting contribution to the community of believers you witness weekly.

Revival Has Come to Asbury University

What Happens on Campus Doesn’t Stay on Campus