No Silver Bullets

Daniel Im: Five Small Shifts That Will Transform Your Ministry

God Is Stranger

Krish Kandiah: Finding God in Unexpected Places

Rediscovering God As a Stranger

I came to know God in a new way exploring the troubling sections of the Bible—God as a stranger.

How to Lead When Change is Painful

Sometimes leaders have to be willing to cause short-term pain in pursuit of greater long-term gain.

Practices of Love

Kyle David Bennett: Spiritual Disciplines for the Life of the World

Practicing a New Way of Life

Our habits include sinful patterns, so living rightly takes practice. We can learn a lot from the 4th century monastics.

The Yes Effect

Luis Bush: Accepting God’s Invitation to Transform the World Around You

You Face Resistance—How Can You Choose Joy?

We can expect resistance when we are doing the work of God, but God has promised to protect and sustain us.

How to Ruin Your Life

Eric Geiger: and Starting Over When You Do